Safety Tips: Here Are Five Weeks of Daily Ideas (Week #2)

Reprinted from the Sept./Oct. 2014 GRAIN JOURNAL

So, you want to keep safety in front of your employees, but you don’t have a lot of time to communicate with your employees. Just one activity per day can have an impact. This is Week Two of five weeks of daily safety tips:

Monday: Don’t jog the leg. It is against OSHA rules, and it is downright dangerous.

Tuesday: Report items that need maintenance. If you see a belt out of alignment or hear a bucket banging, make a note of it, so it gets repaired or adjusted.

Wednesday: Look for broken conduit. Look up or down at the conduit to make sure that there are no breaks, elbow covers missing, or other damage. Then report any problem.

Thursday: Watch how you lift heavier loads. You know to bend your knees and keep your back straight. Monitor yourself, to make sure that you are lifting to save your back.

Friday: Look for signs of overgreasing or undergreasing. You shouldn’t have piles of gunk under the zerks or bearings. Look to see if there has been the proper amount of grease used. Is the schedule for greasing and lubrication current.

Prepared by Lynn Larsen, retired president of Safety Solutions Inc.