Safety Tips: Here Are Five Weeks of Daily Ideas (Week #3)

Reprinted from the Sept./Oct. 2014 GRAIN JOURNAL

So, you want to keep safety in front of your employees, but you don’t have a lot of time to communicate with your employees. Just one activity per day can have an impact. This is Week Three of five weeks of daily safety tips:

Monday: Look at the magnahelic gauges on your dust collection systems. Is the pressure drop within the acceptable range?

Tuesday: Look in the out-of-the-way places for accumulation of grain dust.

Wednesday: Electrical rooms should have all doors to the electrical boxes closed. Electrical rooms are not broom closets; there shouldn’t be anything stored in them.

Thursday: Inspect ladders, both portable and fixed, to make sure that they are not damaged. You know, all the rungs in good shape, not deformed or missing.

Friday: How are the guard rails in your plant? Make sure that they are securely anchored and undamaged.

Prepared by Lynn Larsen, retired president of Safety Solutions Inc.