Safety Tips: Here Are Five Weeks of Daily Ideas (Week #4)

Reprinted from the Sept./Oct. 2014 GRAIN JOURNAL

So, you want to keep safety in front of your employees, but you don’t have a lot of time to communicate with your employees. Just one activity per day can have an impact. This is Week Four of five weeks of daily safety tips:

Monday: Report near misses to prevent accidents in the future. Near misses predict future problems.

Tuesday: If you are using a rope for anything, inspect it first, and make sure that it is stout enough for your use.Take it down, when you are finished with it.

Wednesday: Look at your shoes. Are they “talking” to you? Are the soles racing slicks? Don’t trip over your own feet!

Thursday: Don’t reuse containers. Chemical containers must be labeled, so that everyone knows what is in the container. Make sure that what is in the container is what is on the label.

Friday: Where are your fire extinguishers? Are they in the right place? When were they inspected? Are they appropriate for the area?

Prepared by Lynn Larsen, retired president of Safety Solutions Inc.