GFAI's John Lee Offers Update on OSHA and IEPA Protocols During COVID-19

March 23, 2020 - With all the chaos that COVID-19 is causing, John Lee, Director of Safety-Health-Environmental Services at GFAI, shares what OSHA and IEPA are doing.

All government agencies are trying to comply with “shelter in place” guidelines, meaning anyone who can work from home should do so.


All employees are working from home until all travel restrictions are lifted.

They will still investigate all fatalities.

OSHA complaints are taken on a case by case basis as usual.

If OSHA deems an inspection is warranted, they will visit and take photos only.

They have already been to some construction sites (none in the grain industry) this week for alleged fall hazards.

OSHA told me that they have already had twenty Covid-19 complaints to rectify today.

Follow all guidelines spelled out by the CDC/OSHA regarding Covid-19 (see attached booklet).


IEPA personnel are also mostly working from home.

Only a limited staff are at the main office in Springfield.

They did inform me that all permit requirements are still in effect (ie. housekeeping records, loadout socks…).

As far as permit applications go, the 90 day statutory deadline is in place.

This means that if you submit a construction or lifetime permit application to IEPA, they have 90 days to get it back to you.

Earth moving can take place without a construction permit.

No concrete work or bin erection can take place without a permit in hand.

Read OSHA Guidance on Preparing Workplaces For COVID-19 here.