Larisa Vandeloo | EHS Manager | Top Ag Coop Inc.

“We implemented a new, behavior-based safety incentive program in October 2019. It encourages and rewards all employees for doing the right thing and going the extra mile for safety.

“Our managers and safety committee members carry blue ‘thank you for working safely today’ tickets, and any time they see someone doing the right thing (e.g., wearing proper personal protective equipment), they give them one of these tickets as recognition for their attention to safety. Tickets can be turned in for quarterly drawings from which two $50 gift cards are awarded.

“Another way to be entered into our drawing is a card system within each department. Cards are out and readily available to report a near-miss or unsafe condition or act. If a worker sees one of these three things, they can fill out a card to let us know what they saw, what they did about it, and what the coop can do to prevent it from happening again.

“These cards make it easier for employees to report the hazards present in their work area because they can quickly fill out a card and give it to their manager. With unsafe acts cards, we always remind our employees it’s not about getting someone in trouble: It’s about addressing an unsafe act with their colleague and suggesting a safer way to perform the task.

“The ticket and card programs have raised morale and gotten everyone involved in our safety program. Safety is not just my job as the safety manager; it’s everyone’s job and this behavioral-based program has created a more positive way to accomplish our goals.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2020 Issue