Val Christensen | Safety and Compliance Officer | Legacy Cooperative

“About a year ago, our safety committee began a wristband program.

“The idea was presented at a North Dakota Safety Council conference a couple of years ago, and we brought it back to our committee to consider.

“When a committee member notices fellow employees going out of their way to do something safely, they present them with a wristband that says ‘Safety: Pass It On.’ It comes from a peer, not a supervisor, which reinforces the message.

“The safety committee member then lets the board know when a wristband has been awarded to someone. We then share their name and their safety action with everyone through our company bulletin. We have 20 sites throughout our company, and the wristband program is used at all of them.

“While it’s still a new program, you can tell employees appreciate they are being recognized for doing their work safely.”

Reprinted from Grain Journal July/August 2020 Issue