WATCH - Transforming Workplace Safety Culture With Jess McCluer, NGFA, and Jason Eardley, ADM

Welcome to NGFA’s third annual Harvest Safety Week! To kick off this week, we’re discussing the first step of a successful safety program — establishing a workplace culture that prioritizes safety.

Join panelists Jess McCluer, vice president of safety and regulatory affairs at NGFA, Jason Eardley, director of process safety at ADM; and Kristen Ireland, co-founder of People Spark Consulting, as they discuss why harvest is a particularly important time to emphasize safety best practices.

NGFA's Harvest Safety Week - "Transforming Workplace Safety Culture" from NGFA on Vimeo.

Harvest Safety Week is an opportunity to recommit to employee safety. Use NGFA’s safety materials and share them as far and wide as possible, including with farmer-customers.

NGFA has videos, Safety Tips Sheets, webinars and other materials applicable to both commercial and farm facilities – all found on NGFA's safety page.

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Share your favorite NGFA training resource, share a safety story or best practice and let everyone know that you are making safety a top priority during #harvest21 on social media.