NGFA Harvest Safety Week 2021 Recap

TheNational Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) in late August held its third annual Harvest Safety Week.

From Aug. 23-27, NGFA released safety materials on a variety of topics relevant to protecting employees and customers during the fall harvest season.

“Harvest is a busy time for the grain, feed, and processing industry, with increased traffic at grain facilities, additional workers, demanding hours, and the unpredictable challenges brought on by Mother Nature,” says NGFA President and CEO Mike Seyfert.

“We are encouraging our members to use this opportunity to exemplify commitment to their employees’ safety by using NGFA’s safety materials and sharing them as far and wide as possible."

NGFA and its charitable foundation, the National Grain and Feed Foundation, have developed a suite of safety resource materials and partnered with state and regional affiliates, member companies, and OSHA to spread awareness of safety best practices and the availability of training resources. Below are free safety resources developed by NGFA:


• Bin Harvest Prep with Marie Dinwiddie, Fehr Graham.

• Struck-By Hazards with Mark Trainor, FS Grain.

• Critical Pieces of Equipment with Jarrod Nickelson, MKC.

• Dryer Operations with David Noel, Perdue Agribusiness.


• CONVEY ‘21: How to Bin For Profit–Storing Grain to Maximize Mix and Blend.

• CONVEY ‘21: Preventing Bin Collapse.

• CONVEY ‘21: Leading Indicators.

• CONVEY ‘21: Conducting a Hazard Assessment Evaluation.

• Transforming Workplace Safety Culture.

Safety Tips

• Preparing Bins for Harvest.

• Bin Site Entanglement Hazards.

• Vehicle Stuck-By.

• Lifting, Rigging, and Hoisting.

• Shuttle Loading and Rail Safety.

• Powered Industrial Trucks.

• Combustible Dust and OSHA Housekeeping Requirements.

• Hot Work.

• Preventing Dyer Fires.

• NGFA Firefighting Manual.

For a complete list of links for all NGFA Harvest Safety Week resources, go to

From the September/October 2021 GRAIN JOURNAL