GEAPS Webinar: Make a Spring & Summer Safety Plan ... May 18 ... 10-11 am (Central)

Our next Wednesday Webinar is brought to us by Joe Mlynek of Safety Made Simple. Go to your Outlook calendar and block off an hour to make an investment in safety!

Extreme weather conditions, seasonal workers, working from heights, and non-routine work are familiar challenges during spring and summer months. Take this free webinar to learn more about developing and implementing effective safety strategies. This webinar will discuss the importance of situational awareness, hazard analysis, near miss reporting, and non-routine work programs that can help organizations maneuver safely through the months ahead.

Visit our website to learn more and sign up. As always, anyone may attend these webinars for free.GEAPS members may come back and watch at anytime in the Knowledge Resource Center.

Join us at 10 a.m. Central , Wednesday May 18 for the free webinar: Safety for Spring/Summer Efforts


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