NGFA's Harvest Safety Week 2022 Starts Today!

This year's Harvest Safety Week focuses on heat illness and injury prevention. Throughout the week you’ll receive new resources available from NGFA to help protect your employees from heat-related hazards.

Day #1: Welcome and kickoff

First, learn more about this year's focus on heat illness and injury in this welcome video.

Then, make sure everyone on your team is signed up to receive Harvest Safety Week emails.

Finally, make a plan for how your organization will observe Harvest Safety Week and remember to share with us on social media using #HarvestSafetyWeek.

Up next week:

Tues., Aug. 23: OSHA Heat Injury and Illness NEP Presentation

In this recorded presentation representatives from OSHA’s Directorate of Standards and Guidance and Directorate of Enforcement Programs will discuss the status of the Heat Injury and Illness National Emphasis Program. Then Jess McCluer, NGFA’s vice president of safety and regulatory affairs, will summarize OSHA’s pending heat injury and illness standard.

Wed., Aug. 24: NGFA Member Best Practices Discussion:

In this recorded panel discussion, NGFA members Jason Eardley, ADM; Paul Gooch, CGB; Brian Grimm, Bartlett and Company; and Rob Grabowski, George’s Inc., will discuss their companies’ heat-related policies and best practices.

Thurs., Aug. 25: LIVE Legal Expert Webinar with Q&A

Aaron Gelb, Conn Maciel Carey LLP, will conduct a webinar at 2 p.m. ET with a presentation on OSHA’s Heat Injury and Illness National Emphasis Program (NEP). Register here.

Fri., Aug. 26: Closing and list of Harvest Safety Week resources