Man Severely Injured in Grain Bin Auger Accident

A Windom, Minnesota man was severely injured Sunday after his legs got caught in a power sweep auger of a grain bin.

Travis Muller, 30, was cleaning out a grain bin when his legs got caught up in the power sweep auger.

At approximately 3:06 p.m. Cottonwood County Dispatch received a 911 call about the incident, wherein first responders removed Muller from the auger.

Muller was airlifted from the scene to the Twin Cities with severe injuries to his legs. According to his Caring Bridge page, he underwent surgery at North Memorial Trauma One Center in Robbinsdale.

Due to the severity of the injuries, Muller’s legs were amputated — one just above the knee and one below the knee, noted the post on Caring Bridge. However, doctors are concerned that the significant amount of dirt and corn found in his legs may lead to infection. It is possible further amputation may be required for the best chance at prosthetic outcomes.

Doctors additionally stated that had Muller remained entangled in the equipment just a few seconds longer, he likely wouldn't have survived.