Employees Safe After Fire at ADM Milling Company in Spokane

A fire was quickly contained after a machine at a milling company broke into flames early morning on Thursday.

The Spokane Fire Department (SFD) responded to reports of smoke coming from ADM Milling Company on East Trent. Additional units were requested to the scene due to the potential severity of the fire.

Firefighters located the fire in a machine that contained dust within the building. The fire was isolated and quickly put out, causing no other damage than the machine.

Investigators found that the source of the fire was from a large filter in the machine meant to collect dust.

SFD warns about the danger of dust fires.

"The incident underscored the significant threat of dust fires due to the combustible nature of fine particles suspended in the air. Ignition can lead to rapid and intense fires, with the potential for dust explosions amplifying the danger to firefighters. The ignition of a concentrated dust cloud can trigger a chain reaction with potentially devastating consequences," said SFD.

There are no damage estimates at this time. No one was injured in this fire.

By Emily Frint, NonStop Local KHQ Digital Producer