Fire Crews Battle Grain Bin Fire for Four Hours, No Injuries Suffered

A grain bin at a Lenoir County farm caught fire Thursday afternoon after firefighters got to the scene they spent around four hours putting out the flames.

The Deep Run Fire Department was first on the scene after getting the call at around 3:20 p.m. but three departments provided additional support.

Deep Run Volunteer Fire Chief John Whitfield said other departments at the scene included Pink Hill, South Wood and Sandy Bottom.

The fire happened at the JC Howard Farm where he said the grain bin was used to store feed.

The cause of the fire is undetermined but Chief Whitfield has a theory.

"It was probably just something to do with the process, it could have been some hot feed that got put in the production and then eventually just smoldered enough and that created a fire," Chief Whitfield said.

Chief Whitfield said built up grain dust can be ignited by heat sources like sparks or hot bearings and Thursday, the process to put out the fire took the departments four hours to get everything under control.

"We're able to kind of keep it at bay unfortunately, the only way to get it out is to get the feed out of the bins," Chief Whitfield said. "That's what they worked on doing was dropping the feed out and getting it put in the yard to get it out."

The crews left the farm at around 7:20.

The Lenoir County Fire Marshal could not be reached for comment.