Conveyor Belt at One of Brazil’s Busiest Ports Closed Due to Explosion Risk

The Port of Paranagua, one of the busiest sugar and grain export terminals in Brazil, has had one of its conveyor belts shut down after authorities said there was a risk of explosion. Although the conveyor was closed on 1 April, exports at the port have continued with five more conveyors continuing to operate.

When operational, the conveyor belt is used to export around 20 million tons of grain a year via the Port of Paranagua. Authorities from Brazil’s Ministry of Labor found serious maintenance issues and excessive dust accumulation which could lead to an explosion.

While the closure of the conveyor has not prevented the export of sugar and grain, there have been slight delays to ship loading at the port. The order to close the conveyor belt took effect at the beginning of April, however authorities have not said when it can become operational again.

Located in the city of Paranagua in the Brazilian state of Paraná, the port is the second largest in the country in tonnage and the third in container shipping. It is a main exporting port of agricultural products in Brazil.