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Harvest Checklist Ideas For Entering Bins

Across the country, depending on your geographic location, we are all getting ready for harvest.

That may include emptying and inspecting bins.

First thing on your list should be looking up and reviewing the OSHA 1910.272(g) bin entry requirements from the Grain Handling Standard.

Click here to view those requirements.

Here are some items listed in the OSHA code that you may want to inventory and inspect:

  • Lockout supplies such as locks/tags, multi devices, lock boxes, and any other specific tools for blocking equipment.
  • Clear instructions on how to enter a bin and ensuring there are trained observers and employees for bin, tank, or silo entry.
  • Adequate body harness and lifeline, retrieval equipment, ventilation, and agreed upon methods of communicating with people in the bin, tank, or silo.
  • Ensuring the air monitor is calibrated and has functional and proper air sensors.
  • Pre-planned and reviewed rescue procedures.
  • Any other rules, tools, or policies that are specific to your facility.

Give yourself time to get ready for harvest so that you will be ready when it is in full swing.

OSHA Fact Sheet ... Worker Entry Into Grain Storage Bins

NGFA Guidance Document For Sweep Auger Operations in Grain Bins

Source: Lynn Larsen, President of Safety Solutions Inc., 701-261-9587,



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