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August 11, 2021
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Register Now: Lunch Box Safety Talk Webinar - Harvest Safety Strategies ... Presented by Joe Mlynek ...Tuesday, Aug. 24 ... 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (CDT)

Sponsored by C-TEC AG and The SafetyQuip Company


NGFA’s Harvest Safety Week Set For Aug. 23-27 8/06 Read more


Future of Clinton, MN, Grain Elevator Remains Uncertain Following Fire 8/11 Read more


Minnesota Governor Visits Site of Clinton Grain Elevator Fire 8/05 Read more

Safety Quip

OSHA Cites Central Illinois Cooperative Following Worker Engulfment in Soybean Silo 8/09 Read more


Kokomo Grain Provides Grain Bin Rescue Training to New Waverly, IN, Fire Department 8/11 Read more


Two Men Rescued From Grain Entrapment in Marcus, IA 8/11 Read more



Joe Mlynek: Stop-Work Authority: Empower Employees to Watch For Hazardous Situations, Take Action

Carol Jones: Fall Harvest Prep: Take Advantage of Offseason to Clean, Inspect, Repair, Maintain, and Train

Survey: Eyesight, Smell, Hearing Your Tools For Identifying Common Post-Harvest Grain Quality Issues

Safety Survey: Unbreakable Tenets Support Top-to-Bottom Safety Culture


Coggon, IA, Fire Department Receives New Grain Bin Rescue Tube 7/30 Read more


Willards, MD, Volunteer Fire Company Awarded Grain Bin Rescue Tube 8/11 Read more


Farmer Rescued From Grain Bin in Hutchinson County, SD 8/05 Read more


Officials Say No Injuries Following Grain Elevator Fire in Virginia Beach, VA 8/05 Read more


Crawford County, PA, Fire Department Trains With New Grain Bin Rescue Gear During Grain Bin Safety Week 8/03 Read more



GEAPS Exchange 2021 | Columbus, OH

VIDEO: Confined Space Atmospheric Monitoring ... Presented by Mike Morgan, Service and Sales Associate, M&M Specialty Services, LLC

VIDEO: Understanding Confined Space Permits ... Presented by Beth Locken, Director of Safety & Environmental, Agtegra Cooperative

VIDEO: Grain Entrapment Rescue Demo ... Presented by Oklahoma State University


Memphis, TN, Fire Department Says Overheated Grain Caused Train Fire 8/02 Read more


Man Airlifted to Hospital After Grain Bin Engulfment Rescue in Sherman County, KS 7/30 Read more


Man Rescued, Uninjured From Fall Into 10-Foot Pit Near Grain Silo in Cheney, WA 7/30 Read more


No Injuries, Damage Reported After Small Dust Explosion at Green Plains Ethanol Plant in Mount Vernon, IN 7/30 Read more



Official Says Combustible Dust Involved in Mount Vernon, IN, Ethanol Plant Explosion 8/02 Read more


Conn Maciel Carey's OSHA Webinar Recordings Library Now Available 8/10 Read more


OSHA Partners With National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to Revise Small-Business Handbook 8/03 Read more


Recent Safety Tips of the Week

Grain Engulfment Forces ... Sponsored by C-TEC AG ... 8/9/21

Heat Related Illnesses - Water, Rest, Shade ... Sponsoredy by M&M Specialty Services, LLC ... 8/2/21

Machine Guarding ... Sponsored by Industrial Magnetics, Inc. ... 7/26/21

Planning Ahead For Hot Weather: Employer Checklist ... Sponsored by Electro-Sensors, Inc. ... 7/19/21

Sleep and Safety ... Sponsored by C-TEC AG ... 7/12/21


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