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September 22, 2021
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Worker Found Dead in Bunge Contractors Soybean Silo in Indianapolis 9/13 Read more


One Man Dead After Grain Silo Accident in Bovina, TX 9/09 Read more


Grain Handling Safety Coalition Offers Near Miss Safety Training Online Sept. 28, 30 9/21 Read more


Grain and Feed Association of Illinois: Update - Addressing Common Harvest Safety Challenges 9/09 Read more


Indiana's Co-Alliance Promotes Grain Bin Safety Through Simulator, Training Programs 9/22 Read more


Crawford County, IN Rescue Squad Shares Grain Bin Safety Tips 9/22 Read more

Safety Quip

Cornell, NY Cooperative Extension, Gold Star Feed and Grain to Offer Grain Bin Safety Training 9/20 Read more


Summit, SD, Volunteer Fire Department Receives Grain Bin Rescue Tube, Training Certification 9/13 Read more


New Harvest Season, New Ways to Think About Farm Safety 9/15 Read more


Observe Proper Grain Bin Safety Practices This Fall During Harvest 9/22 Read more


Ag Businesses Team Up to Provide Equipment For Napoleon, OH, Fire Department Grain Bin Rescue Facility 9/13 Read more


Rugby, ND, Volunteer Fire Department Gets Equipment, Training For Grain Bin Rescues 9/13 Read more


The DeLong Co. Donates $40,000 to 18 Midwest Fire Departments For Grain Bin Rescue Equipment 9/09 Read more


Lansing, IA Fire Department Truck Aids Grain Bin Rescue Capabilities 9/09 Read more


Poor Crop Condition Can Affect Grain Bin Safety 9/21 Read more


Columnist: My Friend Died In Grain Bin - Let Him Be The Last 9/22 Read more



Conn, Maciel, Carey: OSHA to Issue Another COVID-19 ETS Setting a 'Soft' Vaccine-Mandate 9/10 Read more


Conn Maciel Carey: OSHA Regional Emphasis Program Focuses on Transportation Tank Cleaning Operations in Rail, Truck Shipping Industries 9/22 Read more


Coalition to Work on OSHA's 2nd COVID-19 Emergency Rulemaking For Vaccine Mandates 9/16 Read more



U.S. Department of Labor Focuses on Protecting Workers From Extreme Heat, Indoors And Outdoors 9/20 Read more


Two People Rescued From Top of Buffalo, NY Grain Elevator 9/17 Read more


Virtual Meeting to Seek Public Input on OSHA Whistleblower Program 9/21 Read more


Recent Safety Tips of the Week

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Safe Lifting to Prevent Back Injuries ... Sponsored by Electro-Sensors ... 9/13/2021

Lightning Safety ... Sponsored by C-TEC AG ... 9/6/21

NGFA Harvest Safety Week 2021 ... Sponsored by M&M Specialty Services, LLC ... 8/30/21

Harvest Preventive Maintenance ... Sponsored by KC Supply ... 8/23/21


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