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August 25, 2021
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Grain Talk Podcast 🎧

John Lee, Grain & Feed Association of Illinois, on Pre-Harvest Safety (15 min.)


Petersburg, IL, Man, 47, Dies in Grain Bin Engulfment 8/23 Read more


Great Falls, MT, Fire Rescue Responds to Grain Bin Fires 8/24 Read more


Rural Litchfield, MN, Man Injured In Auger Accident 8/16 Read more


Rescuers Credit Training After Marcus, IA, Grain Elevator Save 8/12 Read more

Safety Quip


Lunch Box Safety Talk Webinar: Harvest Safety Strategies Presented by Joe Mlynek CSP, OHST - (57 min.)

Sponsored by C-TEC AG and The SafetyQuip Company


Husker Harvest Days Visitors Can Experience Grain Rescue Through Simulator, Res-Q Tube. 8/24 Read more


Local Man's Donation Helps Wauseon, OH, Fire Department With Grain Rescue Equipment 8/24 Read more


River Valley Co-op Helps Equip Galva, IL, Fire Department With Grain Rescue Equipment, Training 8/24 Read more


NGFA Harvest Safety Week - Aug. 23-27

LISTEN: Critical Pieces of Equipment With Jarrod Nickelson

WATCH: CONVEY '21 - Leading Indicators

NGFA Safety Tip Sheet: Combustible Dust and OSHA Housekeeping Requirements

WATCH: CONVEY '21 - Conducting a Hazard Assessment Evaluation

NGFA Safety Tip Sheet: Hot Work

LISTEN: Dryer Operations With David Noel

NGFA Safety Tip Sheet: Preventing Dryer Fires

NEWLY UPDATED: NGFA Firefighting Manual

VIDEO - Transforming Workplace Safety Culture


NGFA's Jim Seibert Hosts Dust Safety Academy Webinar 8/20 Read more


OSHA Issues Updated Guidance on COVID-19 to Protect Workers 8/20 Read more


Life-Saving Grain Rescue Equipment Donated to Mendon, IL, Fire Department 8/13 Read more


Understanding Flowing Grain Characteristics Can Help Prevent Grain Entrapments 8/12 Read more


Friendsville, WV, Fire Department Awarded Grain Rescue Tube, Training 8/20 Read more


Scoular Appoints Noland Morris to Top Safety Post 8/18 Read more





Preseason Inspection Checklist: Steel Bins, Anchorage, Concrete, Guy Wires, Structural Steel Members 8/24 Read more


Bucket Elevator Performance and Maintenance: Tips to Maximize Capacity, Safety; Minimize Downtime 8/24 Read more


Joe Mlynek: Stop-Work Authority: Empower Employees to Watch For Hazardous Situations, Take Action 8/11 Read more


Carol Jones: Fall Harvest Prep: Take Advantage of Offseason to Clean, Inspect, Repair, Maintain, Train 8/11 Read more



Safety Survey: Unbreakable Tenets Support Top-to-Bottom Safety Culture 8/11 Read more


Survey: Eyesight, Smell, Hearing Your Tools For Identifying Common Post-Harvest Grain Quality Issues 8/11 Read more


Recent Safety Tips of the Week

      Harvest Preventive Maintenance ... Sponsored by KC Supply

      Engulfment - Bridging Grain ... Sponsored by Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

      Grain Engulfment Forces ... Sponsored by C-TEC AG

      Heat Related Illnesses - Water, Rest, Shade ... Sponsoredy by M&M Specialty Services, LLC

      Machine Guarding ... Sponsored by Industrial Magnetics, Inc.


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